Nut-free Coffee Cake | Recipe

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Hands up if you’re tired of going to supermarkets and coffee shops where the coffee cake always has walnuts? Yep, #storyofmylife. You have to wonder…..does it really need nuts??? Well us nut sufferers will never know, but I can tell you one thing, there’s definitely NO NUTS with my recipe. Well, actually my dads recipe. So read on for a super simple recipe to have your coffee cake craving satisfied!


250g of butter

4 Eggs

8 level tablespoons of sugar

8 heaped table spoons of self-raising flour

3 teaspoons of instant coffee granules mixed with a little bit of hot water

Milk (optional, may need to loosen mixture)

Baking Soda


1. Firstly, mix your coffee granules with some boiled water and let it cool

2. Cream butter & sugar together (I use a mixer, but you can do this by hand, if you do then that means arm day was definitely completed that week #gymlifebutnotreally).

3. Add eggs 1 by 1 to the mixture and mix

4. Sieve in 4 of the tbsp of flour and a pinch of baking powder and fold it in

5. Add the other 4 tbsp of flour & the rest of the baking powder and fold it in

6. Mix the coffee mixture into the cake mix,  but make sure that the coffee has fully cooled before pouring.

7. Bake it for 30-40 mins at gas mark 5

8. Serve and enjoy!

Once baked please do the following:

Make a black Coffee.

Plate up a slice of cake.

Find a quiet spot.

Eat, enjoy and savour the ~moment~.

You’re welcome.

But seriously…

If you give this recipe a go let me know in the comments or online with #aboutthebake

*Disclaimer: After baking there is no need to pour the coffee on the cake. Don’t do a Harper. Can’t remember? Click here. #WizardsofWaverlyPlace