Bridgerton – The best lines from the Ton to use in Lockdown

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Dear reader,

Gather round fellow Bridgerton watchers. Whilst we’re waiting for season two of the Netflix series, our Bridgeton days are not over yet.

These are the best lines from the show that can be used in our mundane Lockdown days. For every scenario I’ve uncovered what the Ton would deem the most appropriate to say in our rather unsocial season.

When someone gives you a nickname:
“Are we to drop the honorific so soon?” (Ep 1)

For those making graduate schemes applications whilst studying at Zoom University:
“Do you know what is an accomplishment? Attending university!” (Ep 2)

When you have gossip to share with your sisters and need to be taken seriously. Stand up, grab a bottle of wine and announce:
“We shall do what women do; we shall talk.” (Ep 2)

When there’s been a substitution on your online delivery order, and you need to break the news to your family:
“I know you are used to finer comforts, but..” (Ep 3)

When someone says they need to apologise for something, discover the gravity of the situation by asking:
“Will you have to move to a castle far, far away?” (Ep 4)

(P.S not the Shrek Far Far away because that would be too fun)

Justifying that mid-week G&T:
“I did not overindulge. Truly, it was just a poor night of sleep. (Ep 5)

Buying the Hotel Chocolat velvitiser for yourself and trying to justify the price to your parents and pretending it’s really a treat for everyone and the kitchen:
“I offered it patronage on your behalf.” (Ep 6)

Your response to when the family gathers round to question you and asks where you’ve been last night because the last box of the leftover Christmas chocolate has gone:
“I did not think you concerned about my whereabouts.” (Ep 7)

When the doorbell rings and you know you didn’t make an ASOS premier delivery last night:
“That is odd. We weren’t expecting any callers today.” (Ep 8)

When someone in your house is not dressed in a miss-matching set of a sweatshirt and joggers:
“Are you quite well?” (Ep 8)

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