Mini Egg Mania

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Happy Easter weekend!

I thought it would be fun to do a little round-up of a few of my favourite Easter themed items! Spoiler alert: there’s a lot of chocolate and mini eggs.

Mini Eggs Chocolate Bar

I saw this bar on Instagram and immediately went on a search to find it. I can confirm that it tastes as great as mini eggs alone and the egg pieces really work well in bar form.

Mini Egg Cookies

Again, another Instagram find! I found a recipe on Jane Patisserie for NYC Cookies with Mini Eggs and I really recommend giving them a go. The recipe was really easy to follow, the hardest part was cutting up the mini eggs and trying to stop my family from eating them!

These cookies were a great way to put an Easter twist on a classic dessert and will be a fun way to use any leftover Easter chocolate.

Marks and Spencer – Marmite and Cheese Hot Cross Buns

To be honest I’m not really a Hot Cross Bun fan. However, with all the new flavours swirling around, I was intrigued to try them especially when I saw my favourite marmite and cheese flavour at M&S! The hot cross buns were cheesy and soft with a good hint of marmite, definitely not too overpowering so would be a great addition to your Easter Spread.

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